1. General Details

    Easily Deployable on Off-the-Shelf Hardware | Interoperable with other CryptoFlow® Enforcers

    Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow® Net Enforcer – Software (CFNE-S) provides the ultimate flexibility for protection of data in motion. The software version of Certes’ real-time traffic enforcers can be easily deployed on a third-party device such as a server or gateway, providing a wide range of deployment options for protecting your sensitive data in motion.

    The software enforcer is completely interoperable with Certes’ other award-winning network enforcers, including the dedicated hardware appliance and the virtualized enforcer.

  2. Features


    Easy to Deploy

    • Operates on commercial-off-the-shelf servers from Dell.
    • Deploy as many copies as needed to support the desired topology at no additional cost.
    • Can be installed on any 12th generation Dell Server.

    Usage-based Licensing

    • Deploy as many instances at as many locations as you need.
    • Pay only for the traffic you encrypt via CryptoFlows on the CFNE-S enforcers.

    Simple Management

    • Fully centrally managed with CryptoFlow Net Creator, including troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades.

    Total Control of Keys and Policies

    • Keying material and protection policies are completely controlled from CryptoFlow Net Creator, the centralized policy and key management system.

    Fully Interoperable

    • Works seamlessly with other hardware-based and virtualized CryptoFlow Net Enforcers.

    Recommended System Specifications

    • 12th Generation Dell Appliance
    • Intel Xeon processor (with AES-NI)
    • Intel 1G NIC cards (with DPDK)
    • 4GB RAM
    • 500 GB Storage


    Tested for full line rate 1Gbps bidirectional encryption with AES-256-GCM encryption and integrity protection algorithm with 512 Byte packets. Testing performed on Dell R220 XEON E3-1240L Intel I350-T2 with 8GB RAM and 500 GB storage

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