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    MAXHUB Edu L Series
    Excellence In Education


    Best-in-class performance comes easily with the MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panel E2 Series. Combining a pro-grade display with effortless operation and innovative safety features to protect students’ health, this classroom all-star meets the unique needs of young learners – and those who teach them.

    A Display That Focuses Attention, and Fuels Interaction

    Content come alive on the E2 Series 4K, high-contrast screen, images, text, and handwriting are rendered with astonishing sharpness and professional-grade color accuracy. The flicker-free screen reduces eye strain, and anti-glare glass eliminates distracting reflections.
    Flicker-free Screen | 4K Resolution | Ambient Light Sensor | Anti-Glare Glass | Color △E≤2 | Eye-care Mode

    Share Ideas, Not Germs

    Designed to inhibit bacterial reproduction and other risks, the E2 Series features an optional anti-microbial screen, which is specially coated and manufactured with 3mm tempered glass to protect users from accidental injury.

    Write Naturally, Right From The Start

    Providing a natural writing experience with no learning curve, the E2 Series enables teachers and students a like to write easily, silently, and efficiently.
    Zero bonding technology | Double nib design, less than 3mm fine nib | Up to 40 touch points | 40ms writing delay

    Maximize Utility With Simplicity

    Bringing BYOD convenience and capabilities to the classrom, E2 Series provides an all-in-one type-C interface for your mobile device.
    – Support audio and video up to 4K@60fps
    – Support charging transmission up to 65W
    – Support laptop internet access using type-C interface on web-connected E2 Series displays.

    MAXHUB E2 Series
    Integrated with Bytello

    Bytello Class
    Teach anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based lesson preparation for teachers accessing and sharing lesson plans with one another at anytime and anywhere.

    Bytello DMS
    The classroom companion for IT Teams. Bytello DMS makes it easy to set up program operation schedule to automate and simplify IT operation. IT Team can also monitor the usage status of equipment and access data for continuous optimization and reporting.

    Bytello OS
    The ultimate teacher’s aides. Customize the system homepage and easily access personal account in the exclusive teacher space within Bytello OS.

    Bytello Share
    Teach your students to Bytello Share. Secure two-way screen sharing on the E2 Series for up to 9 students simultaneously while compatible with all major screen-sharing protocols, including Miracast, Airplay, and Chromecast.


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