SANGFOR NGAF managed to deliver professional NGFW and WAF security all-in-one box without scarifying the performance.

  1. General Details

    The emergence of new threat poses high risks to Network Security and challenges to IT teams. Complete Security Defense must be in place and the Advanced Threat Prevention technology must be used to mitigate business risks caused by cyber threats.

    SANGFOR NGAF Platform has been designed with the mission of providing an Affordable, High Performance & Complete Threat Protection solution for enterprises, making sure that organization’s business data are able to be well protected from the complex cyber threat world.

    The World 1st Integrated NGFW + WAF

    By virtue of technology optimization, SANGFOR NGAF managed to deliver professional NGFW and WAF security all-in-one box without scarifying the performance. With the kernel-level correlation of security modules for highly integrated layer2-layer7 visibility, SANGFOR NGAF provides an enhanced security solution suite not only to the network hosts, but also to the servers and business applications with high security effectiveness.

    Holistic, Self-Adaptive Protection

    Sangfor developed a holistic approach based on 4 key principles: Prediction, Defense, Remediation and Backtracking. You can now Predict the attacks & threats before they even happen, Defend your Network and if any suspicious is detected, it will be Remediated. With the Backtracking capabilities, you can analyze the reports to timely and efficiently set up network security policies.

    Best Value for Benefits

    Sangfor NGAF offers a better Value for your Money by making sure that it is the Best Suited Security Solution, in order to provide a Safe, Secure and Managed network environment with a much lower TCO compared to other solution available in the industry.

  2. Techical Info

    Predictable Security

    Sangfor NGAF can predict the threats before they even happen with:
    Risk: Proactive Risk Assessment to assess security level of the current network & system and identify security vulnerabilities such as false configuration, weak passwords and vulnerability.Emerging: Equipped with industry-leading Cloud Sandboxing for identifying new and emerging threats for nearly real-time security.

    0-day: Proactive incidence response by Threat Intelligence, which keeps IT team updated with the latest vulnerabilities, malware and security incidents information with advisory alerts for policy creation.

    Solid Threat Defense

    SANGFOR NGAF delivers industry-leading technologies for top threat prevention effectiveness:

    Next Generation Firewall Security: Listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Firewalls (2015) with high recognition on the advanced NGFW security features.

    IPS: Intrusion prevention for both signature and anomaly vulnerability exploits, with partnership with MAPP (Microsoft Active Prevention Program) and the CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposure) organization.

    Web Application Firewall Security: Provides NSS Labs “Recommended” WAF modules for enhanced protection to web application servers for both public-faced servers as well as intranet applications.

    Damage Remediation

    Remediation is a crucial part of security management to avoid damages. SANGFOR NGAF makes sure business networks are safe from cyber-attacks with:

    Anti-Malware: Unveils threats that hidden in the network and blocks the control connections to external attacker to avoid data leak and future intrusions.

    Data Leakage Prevention: Prevent data leakage caused by cyber attacks.

    Anti-defacement: Intelligent anti-defacement module for protecting website and portals from being tampering with.

    Backtracking for Revolutionary Security Operation

    Comprehensive & intelligent reporting tools for real-time & historical backtracking of threats to assist in decision making of security management.

    Advisory Security Reporting: Simple & intuitive by telling you where the issues are, what damages could they cause and how you could protect yourself against it.

    Automatic Security Operation: With SANGFOR NGAF, security operation tasks can be carried out simply with several mouse clicks in an automatic operation manner following the drill-downs on the WebUI.

    Crystal Clear Security Operation Platform: SANGFOR NGAF is designed in an intelligent and interactive manner, delivering a Virtual Security Expert to assist on enterprises’ security operation.

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