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PT. Aliansi Sakti was founded in 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a System Integrator, we provide solutions for Audio Video Conferencing and Networking, Audio Visual Communication and Multimedia Integration. Our comprehensive solution also allows us to have a strong network and client referrals in Indonesia.

Since 2001, Aliansi Sakti has been the official Partner of TANDBERG Video Conference products and since 2004 Aliansi Sakti becomes the Platinum Partner of TANDBERG for Indonesia Territory. We offer world-class manufacturers products to our Resellers and End Users with the best quality.

Based in Jakarta, we are focusing our expertise and team in Video Conference solutions. With an excellent customer service and technical support we have, let us deliver highly value-added services and support all around Indonesia.

In 2010, TANDBERG has been acquired by Cisco. This acquisition leads us to have an Audio Visual Systems Integrator Agreement with Cisco Systems International. As the process of the acquisition, in May 2011 we become TelePresence Video Advanced Authorized Technology Provider. Now, Aliansi Sakti becomes TelePresence Video Master Authorized Technology Provider.

In order to fulfill the customer’s requirement needs, as our slogan, Experience the Real Communication, we are also providing a digital professional sound enforcement device from ClearOne Technology, and also on the Perfect Visual Solution from Eyevis. Now we are strive to become the expertise in video communication complete solutions.


We have a core commitment to a consultation approach, providing investment protection for solutions that grow with our customer as their adoption of video grows.


To enhance the productivity and services through the development and provision of Information Technology, supported by quality advice, training and personalised service.


To provide first class products, services and support

Company Award & Certification


Our success is built on the extensive experience in the design and integration of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing solutions incorporating Information Technologies (IT). Operating the state-of-the-art of Technology, we have the ability to develop industry solutions that are built on the most appropriate network architecture for our customers’ needs.

Years, 1999

Aliansi Sakti was Founded

Years, 2001

The Partner of TANDBERG

Years, 2004

The Platinum Partner of TANDBERG

Years, 2010
  • Audio Visual System Integrators Agreement with Cisco Systems International
  • The Distributor of ClearOne Audio
Years, 2011

Cisco TelePresence Video Advance ATP 
Cisco TelePresence Video Master ATP 
The Distributor of Sangfor 

Years, 2012

The Distributor of Certes Network

Years, 2013

The Gold Partner of Hikvision

Years, 2015
  • The Partner of Mobotix
  • The Distributor of GVD
Years, 2016

The Distributor of Yealink

Years, 2018

The Distributor of MAXHUB





Services for Collaboration EndPoints

Cisco Services provides an extensive portfolio of collaboration services to support a broad range of Cisco endpoints, from IP phones and video conferencing to web, mobile, and desktop clients.

Services for Conferencing

From planning and design to optimization and support, Cisco Services for Collaborative Conferencing solutions help to establish a seamless user experience with high-quality, scalable web and video capabilities.

Servicies for Customer Collaboration

With extensive planning and support options, Cisco Services can help you create the foundation for more effective client relationships and improved customer service with integrated contact center solutions.

Services for Unified Communications

Cisco Services can help you better manage voice, video, mobility, and presence to provide reliable and advanced communications capabilities for your team no matter where they are working.

Collaboration Installation

Collaboration Installation can help you to deploy our collaboration products in your company. We have an experienced resources which can improved your needs.

Aliansi Sakti Services

We have hotline support to makes you easier when you need some help from us. And We will give you the back up unit when the device was problem.


Aliansi Sakti is one of the company that has an expertise in Audio Video Conferencing, Network, and Security. With no doubt, we also deliver promising services to our valuable customers. Through the years, Aliansi Sakti has been rapidly developing since 1999 and we have committed to keep enhancing our capabilities in meeting the customers’ needs. With further growth plans, Aliansi Sakti is now actively seeking to recruit great people to help achieve these aims. By becoming part of us, Aliansi Sakti is offering a wealth of opportunities to build your competence through experiences. The hires would be highly appreciated with the loyalty, creativity, and well performances you possessed.



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