MAXHUB Integrated Video Wall

  1. General Details

    Created for Large Scenes Presentation

    MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal is suitable for meeting rooms, showrooms, lecture halls, and other large scenes, offering you the visual experience of giant screen cinema. The Outstanding interaction design and mirroring technology of MAXHUB make your presentation smarter and superior.

    With the “All in One” design concept, modularized machine case, power supplement system, control system, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are integrated to save more space, combining with light and thin screen (the smalles tickness is 38mm), and super narrow aluminium frame.

  2. Features
    • Ultra-light and ultra-thin configurations fits all space layout
    • Giant screen HD display provides excellent visual experience
    • Easy installation and maintenance reduce company cost
    • Diversifed application for more interactive scenes
  3. Specification