1. General Details

    MAXHUB Smart Lectern

    Define Your Stage

    MAXHUB Smart Lectern is smart system embedded, electrically height adjustable, wired & wireless screen – sharring, and onstage annotation.

    Singular. Exemplary. Enthralling
    Integrates PC, microphone, touch screen into a singular device.
    Stable and durable, enhance corporate image.

    Screen-sharing Re-invented
    Connects with mobile devices, laptops, and synchronizes the screens with onstage display; Easily switch between devices.
    Multiple Choices for Connection | Wireless Screen-sharing Up to 8 devices for instant switch

    Annotation at Will
    Annotate on the smart lectern while facing to the audience to improve engagement.
    Display | 21.5Inches
    Touch technology | Capacitive + EMR Smart Annotation

    Electrically adjustable height that fits your stage
    Making you comfortable on stage, both for making hand gestures and
    annotating or touching on the smart lectern on MAXHUB Smart Lectern

    Wireless deployment helps adapt to different settings
    Mobile on wheels. Wait not, to take your speech to wider audience.

  2. Datasheet

    Size : 21.5 Inches
    Screen Type : IPS
    Resolution : 1920*1080
    Refresh Rate : 60Hz
    Color Depth : 8 bits (16.7M)

    Touch System
    Touch Technology : P-Cap + EMR
    Capacitive Touch Points : 10 Points
    EMR Touch Points : 1 Point
    Touch with : Stylus or Finger
    Touch Accuracy for Stylus : 0.5 mm
    Types of EMR Styli supported : SP08 Electro-magnetic Stylus/1024 Pressure Sensitivity 

    Operating System
    Version : Windows 10
    CPU : Intel 8th i5 8250U
    RAM : 8GB
    ROM : SSD 128GB 

    Display Connectors
    HDMI Out : 1
    Audio Out : 1
    USB 2.0 : 2
    AC In : 1
    DC In : 1
    Buttons : 4 (Power, Go Up, Go Down, Microphones Switch)

    Wireless Screensharing
    Transmission Delay : <133ms
    Operating Distance : 12m
    Operating Frequency : 2.4GHz/5GHz 

    Operating Frequency : 2.4GHz/5GHz

    Audio & Video
    Power of Speakers : 2*3W
    Gooseneck Microphones : 2
    Microphone Pickup Distance : ≤20cm
    Sensitivity of Microphones : -40dB±2dB
    Microphones Input Frequency : 40Hz~16kHz
    Microphones Sample Rates ; 30kHz

    Dimensions : 739mm*400mm*(1000~1200)mm
    Net Weight : 27kg

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