1. General Details

    MAXHUB V5 Classic Series
    Legend Retold

    Creative Acoustic Structure Seam Speakers

    The V5 Series opens a much smaller seam for the sound waves to travel through. The sound waves go directly to the participants, instead of bouncing from the floor. The power is increased by 14% with 2.1 stereo sound.

    Collaboration Starts with MAXHUB V5

    The CLASSIC Series inherits our concept of minimalist design while deliver intuitive interactions as well as outstanding sound and video performance. For both local meetings and teleconferences, participants may visualise their ideas instantly. Communication on a CLASSIC Series defies distance with the updated audio & visual systems, giving the distant meeting attendees the feeling as if they were joining the session in person.

    4K UHD Display Presentations Come to Live

    4K is now the default resolution in either operating system across MAXHUB IFPs.
    The updated bonding technology reduces parallax so that we can write as if on a piece of paper. Even when looking from the side, we may hardly discern the distance between the fingertip and the coloured display. Meanwhile, we are increasing the colour gamut by more than 20% in all three series, providing more vivid colours.

    3 Display Modes Satisfying Various Needs

    The previous display mode has been upgraded to 3 modes that enable precise and stunning presentation of images, while providing the most comfortable viewing experience.

    High-precision IR Touch Technology

    The IR touch technology brings you natural writing experience on MAXHUB V5 Classic. It responses with almost no delay at every single touch.

    12MP Camera Sees Clearer, Makes Nearer

    Throughout the meeting session, the cameras may offer unprecedented clarity, even after zooming in on the speaker. 12MP provides enough room for image compression with a higher signal-to-noise ratio. While we have a Full HD video conference, the image sensor would calculate based on the light information gathered on more than 4 pixels to form a single pixel. Therefore, the proportion of electrical noise in the circuit would be vastly reduced, increasing the clarity and saturation of the image.

    8-metre Voice Pickup

    By analysing the phase of the sound waves and how soon they arrive at each of the microphone elements, MAXHUB could tell the direction of the voice. In the meantime, it calls the auto gain technology into play, balancing the volume from both near and afar. The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.

    Upgraded Performance

    Higher performance such as Android 9.0 brings instant conference experience. Pluggable module design and compatible platform deliver simplicity and convenience.

    Type-C Connector, the Game Changer

    A newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the MAXHUB V5 and enables reverse touch control from the touch screen. Meanwhile, it also allows access to the built-in camera and microphone array. The Type-C provides easy access to the camera, microphone or loudspeaker of MAXHUB via personal device. Now you can enjoy ultra wide-angle camera and powerful voice pickup features on your laptop.
    Besides, MAXHUB supports extension mode via Type-C.

  2. Features
    • 2.1 Stereo Sound | 40W High-power Speaker
    • 4K UHD Display   |   Low Parallax   |   90% NTSC Wide Color Gamut   |   Anti-glare
    • 2 mm Writing Height  |  ±1mm Writing Accuracy
    • 12MP Camera 丨 Auto Framing 丨 Higher SNR
    • 6-element Microphone Array | 8-metre Voice Pickup | Voice Localization
      Automatic Gain丨 Noise Cancellation
    • Android 9.0/Windows 10 Optional | Supports Intel Core i7 | Supports Third-party Application Downloads
    • Video & Audio & Touch Signals | Access the wide-angle Camera and powerful Mic Array
  3. Product Specification

    MAXHUB V5 Classic Series