1. General Details

    MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series
    Over the Edge

    A Flip-over Camera that Guards Your Privacy

    MAXHUB Transcend Series, while featuring a 48MP camera, adopts the first flip-over camera on a conference IFP, safeguarding the privacy when the camera is left idle.

    Voice Localisation & Auto Framing

    MAXHUB Voice Localisation algorithm lay the foundation for auto framing of the camera. The microphone array guides the camera to point towards the speaker automatically during a teleconference. The 48MP camera recognises and tracks the speaker, even when they are moving. In the meantime, it calls the auto gain technology into play, balancing the volume from both near and afar. The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.

    Creative Acoustic Structure Seam Speakers

    The V5 Series opens a much smaller seam for the sound waves to travel through. The sound waves go directly to the participants, instead of bouncing from the floor. The power is increased by 14% with 2.1 stereo sound.

    3 Display Modes Accommodate Various Needs

    The previous display mode has been upgraded to 3 modes that enable precise and stunning presentation of images, while providing the most comfortable viewing experience.

    Upgraded Performance

    Higher performance such as Android 9.0 brings instant conference experience. Pluggable module design and compatible platform deliver simplicity and convenience.
  2. Features
    • 48MP | Auto Flip-over | Auto Framing
    • Voice Localisation | Auto Gain | Auto Framing | Noise Cancellation
    • 2.1 Stereo Sound | 40W High-power Speaker
    • Presentation Mode | Standard Mode | Night Mode
    • Android 9.0/Windows 10 Optional |Supports Intel Core i7 | Supports Third-party Application Downloads
    • Integrated Type-C Connector | Video Sharing | Reverse Control
  3. Product Specification

    MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series